“Jan is a high energy Christian speaker. Her own journey—survivor turned marketing executive turned counselor to others in Jesus Christ—riveted my attention and the rest of the audience.”

--- Major John R. Cheydleur, Ph.D., ACSW
The Salvation Army

Grace and healing are communicated through the vulnerability of men and women who have been fractured and heartbroken by life.”1

Meet Jan Coates, author, speaker, consultant, founder of Set Free Today, and a “work-in-progress overcomer.”

Consumed with shame and guilt from childhood abuse, Jan turned her back on her Christian faith during her teen years. She filled her life with self-destruction to mask her pain. By the time she was 19, she was divorced with a young son.

In 1982 a drunk driver killed that son, Jan’s only birth child. This tragedy left her emotionally paralyzed and numb. Her knees buckled and she collapsed on the floor, face down. "No, God, not Chris," she cried out. “Please God, I need you.” For the first time in seventeen years she communicated with God.

Jan knows firsthand the pain of hiding from God because of feelings of unworthiness and shame. By God’s grace, she overcame childhood abuse, dysfunctional family relations, divorce, the loss of her only child, depression, cancer and much more. Jan knows about hanging on to a bare thread of hope and overcoming, in spite of all odds and worldly conditions.

She is living proof that God loves the improbable, regardless of their past. She knows that it doesn’t matter who you were or what you’ve done; what matters is that God wants you to experience freedom in your life today.

Jan rededicated her life to Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday 1983. Now, as a lay counselor, professional speaker, author, and consultant, Jan has interviewed and counseled many, and shown countless individuals how they too can be set free.

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1 Manning, Brennan. Abba’s Child. Colorado Springs, CO; NavPress, 1994.

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