Founder and President
Set Free Today
Houston, TX

What God has done in Jan’s life is what qualifies her to write and speak. She is living testimony that God is a God who loves, forgives, redeems, and restores.

Jan brings more than 25 years proven platform experience to her venues. Her powerful presentations—blended with real-life solutions, street-smart insights, Scripture, laugh-out-loud humor, and grace—truly bless audiences from all walks of life.

Be prepared for “soul surgery” as Jan places her spiritual stethoscope on your heart and guides you to ignite the kingdom life within you that can set you free and change you from the inside out.

Jan’s energy and passion will stir you to the inner-depths of your soul. From laughter to tears, she touches hearts with inspirational messages of hope and encouragement.


Spiritual Director
Set Free Today
San Diego, CA

Kathi’s presentations are like a cool drink of water on a 100-degree day. Audiences from all walks of life come thirsty to hear Kathi speak…and leave refreshed.

Her heart for God is felt in her every word. Kathi knows how to lead people to the well of Living Water through Scripture, personal experience, and practical application. A Bible teacher with a heart for missions and a love of laughter, she interweaves humor between deep, personal messages so audiences can catch their breath.

She has authored/co-authored more than 20 books. She now writes and speaks the vision God has given her, making it as clear as possible so that readers and listeners can carry the message to others (Habakkuk 2:2).


Executive Director
Set Free Today
Peoria, IL

Rebekah, author/speaker/teacher, is a gifted communicator. She is the author of more than seven books and has penned 1,100 articles. She shares tough real-life topics and biblical application in a simple easy-to-grasp manner.

It is not Rebekah’s accomplishments that set her apart, but it is her wise, servant/leader’s heart that makes her remarkable. She’s not worried about who gets the credit. Rather, she appraises the needs and responds wholeheartedly with the capacities and talents at her disposal.

An anointed storyteller, Rebekah will help you experience freedom from your past as she shares the Mystery Women of the Bible stories. She will shock you, make you laugh, cry, and most of all give you courage and a greater sense of what happens when the life-changing power of God impacts an ordinary woman’s life.

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